“I Palazzi di via Maqueda in festa” – The beautiful palaces of the city open their doors to the public

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i palazzi di via Maqueda in festa

The 392nd Festino di Santa Rosalia is approaching (July 10th-15th) and Palermo, on July 10th, starts the celebrations with the eventI Palazzi di via Maqueda in Festa”. From the Quattro Canti to Porta Vicari, the beautiful palaces of the city open their doors to the public.

The little Libreria Forense, in via Maqueda, decorates its windows for the occasion with books about Palermo and Santa Rosalia, photographs and prayer cards.

The owner Renato Valenti, who runs the bookshop alone with his wife, decided to place in the window various publications by Bellafiore. Among the Guide of Palermo in Italian and English, the monographs on the Zisa and the Cathedral a collection of facsimile printings of Sicilian urban landscapes titled “Il paesaggio urbano siciliano nelle antiche stampe” (Edizione Andò del 1962) stands out. It is a very valuable piece forgotten by many palermitans.

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