Una Marina di Libri – June 9th-12th 2016

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“Palermo-a guide to the city and its surroundings” by Giuseppe Bellafiore was of course present at the event “Una marina di libri”.

The book fair, on its 7th edition, took place in the beautiful green setting of the Orto Botanico (Botanical Garden) of Palermo. The event was organized by CCN Piazza Marina & Dintorni and by the publishing houses Navarra and Sellerio and more than 80 editors participated.

Thanks to the hospitality of “Spazio Cultura”, a bookshop we collaborate with, even a small publishing house such as Susanna Bellafiore Editore was able attend this cultural event.

“Palermo-a guide to the city and its surroundings” in its Italian version was recognized by many visitors. A lot of Bellafiore’s former students said they treasure their copies and consulted them various times through the years. Many other visitors noticed and congratulated us over our second English edition. In general, it was very pleasant for our publishing house to meet and greet so many readers and we look forward to other similar occasions.

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