Estratti sul Centro Storico di Palermo

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Three extracts by Giuseppe Bellafiore:

  1. “Problemi di conservazione e di restauro del centro storico di Palermo” (Conservation and restoration problems of the historic centre of Palermo)
  2. “Il problema della sopravvivenza dei centri storici siciliani” (The survival problem of the historic Sicilian centres)
  3. “Palermo: un piano per il centro storico” (Palermo: a plan for the historic centre)

These extracts were published between 1962 and 1974 and address particularly topical matters regarding the historic centres, which are still today subject of frequent debates. Therefore, they were added to a collection of essays by Bellafiore as they are precious research instruments.

The main topics concern the problems of the conservation, recovery and restoration of the historic centres with a special attention to the city of Palermo. The first essay was published in 1962 on the second “Quaderno della Sezione palermitana di Italia Nostra”. The second one was extracted from Quaderni di “Cronache Parlamentari Siciliane” n. 3 del 1971. The third one was published in 1974 on Italia Nostra n. 117.


1962, 1971, 1974




Giuseppe Bellafiore


Susanna Bellafiore




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