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Giuseppe Bellafiore

Giuseppe Bellafiore (Santa Ninfa, 1 January 1920- Palermo, 19 July 2012) was an Italian art historian, journalist and essayist. He collaborated with various periodicals such as “Chiarezza”, “Accademia”, “La Regione Siciliana”, “Voce della Sicilia”, “Comunità”, “Giornale di Sicilia”, “L’Ora”, “L’Unità”, “La Repubblica” and numerous of his articles appeared in magazines such as “Sicilia”, “Tutt’Italia”, “Kalos”, “Italia Nostra”, “Palladio”, “Bollettino d’Arte of the Ministry of the Public Instruction”, etc. He wrote various art history monographs, in particular on the Arab and Norman period in Sicily and on the city of Palermo.

After his family moved to Palermo, he attended Giovanni Meli High School from 1933 to 1938, focusing on humanities. In July 1942, he earned a degree in Arts with honors and his thesis on “The origins of feudalism in Sicily”…

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